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    Reference Band
    In This Topic

    A Reference Band is a shaded area, which is positioned along a single axis between two calculated values and extend indefinitely along the opposite axis. Each band has a start and end position that you set in the Properties.

    This overlay type is not available for Candlestick, High Low Close, and High Low Open Close type charts.

    Property Description
    Axis Specifies the axis to which the reference line belongs. Select from X or Y.
    End Specifies the end position on the value axis or the end index on the category axis.
    Start Specifies the start position on the value axis or the start index on the category axis.


    Sets the display position. Select from Front or Back.


    Enter the name of the trendline.
    Type Select the type of the trendline from the list of available types.
    LineStyle Sets the style of the line. Select the LineColor, LineStyle and LineWidth properties of the line.
    BackgroundColor Select the color to use for the background, or select the <Expression...> option to open the Expression Editor and create an expression that evaluates to a .NET color.

    Chart Trendlines - Reference Band

    In the OverlayDesigner Collection Editor, you can set a Reference Band with the properties as follows.

    Property Value
    BackgroundColor Green
    LineStyle > LineColor Red
    LineStyle > LineStyle Solid
    LineStyle > LineWidth 3pt
    Configurations > Axis Y
    Configurations > End 20
    Configurations > Start 10
    General > Display Back
    General > Type ReferenceBand