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    In This Topic

    ActiveReports provides a wide range of layout options for your Page/RDL report that you can easily control by using the specific properties.

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    Keep Groups Together in Data Regions
    You can keep the contents of a group together on a single page by setting the Keep Together on one page if possible option (Table group) or the KeepTogether property (Tablix row group).
    Set Page Size, Margins, and Orientation in Page Reports
    Learn about the options to control page layout properties such as page size, page margins, and page orientation. These options allow you to define the layout settings for each page in a Page report.
    Set Page Layout in Z- or N-Order
    A report may have horizontally or vertically growing data rendered across multiple pages during the preview. In this case you can use the LayoutPagesOrder property of the report to specify the page layout order for a Page or an RDL report. ActiveReports supports two types of page layout order, Z-Order or N-Order.
    Repeat Blank Rows in a Table Data Region in Page Reports
    Learn about the RepeatBlankRows property and how to use it when creating different report layouts.
    Page Breaks in Data Regions
    You can control page breaks in data groups of data regions by using the NewPage property for data regions and its combination with the PageBreakAtStart, PageBreakAtEnd, and BreakLocation properties. These properties help you tune page breaks after or before a data group in your report and on which page to continue displaying the report content.
    Skip Page Generation in Page Reports
    The visibility properties help you hide or remove the pages in a Page report at run time. With these properties, you can specify whether to hide or display the page when you preview a report.
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