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    Page Break
    In This Topic

    You can cause ActiveReports to break to a new page at any point within any section using the PageBreak control. All controls placed below the PageBreak in the section render to a new page.

    Caution: It is not recommended to place PageReport control over other controls as it can cause extra page breaks.

    Tip: Another way to cause ActiveReports to break to a new page is by setting the NewPage property of a section to Before, After, or BeforeAfter. This property is available on any section except for PageHeader and PageFooter.

    Important Properties

    Property Description
    Enabled Determines whether to enable the PageBreak.
    Location - X Gets or sets the horizontal location of an object.
    Location - Y Gets or sets the vertical location of an object.

    PageBreak Dialog

    With the control selected on the report, in the Commands section at the bottom of the Properties window, you can click the Property dialog command to open the dialog.


    Name: Enter a name for the PageBreak that is unique within the report. This name is displayed in the Document Outline and in XML exports. You can only use underscore (_) as a special character in the Name field. Other special characters such as period (.), space ( ), forward slash (/), back slash (\), exclamation (!), and hyphen (-) are not supported.

    Tag: Enter a string that you want to persist with the control. If you access this property in code, it is an object, but in the Properties window or Property dialog, it is a string.

    Enabled: Select a field from the data source to bind to the control.