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    Scroll Bars
    In This Topic

    Scroll Bars appear automatically when controls or data regions do not fit the visible area of the report design surface. A scroll bar consists of a shaded column with a scroll arrow at each end and a scroll box (also called a thumb) between the arrows. You can scroll up, down, right or left using the scroll arrow buttons, scroll box or mouse wheel.

    Auto Scrolling

    When a user drags a control beyond the edge of the design surface and the mouse pointer reaches near the surface edge, scrolling starts automatically in the direction of the mouse movement. Auto scrolling works in all four directions. This feature is useful while designing reports with a magnified design view.

    Note: In Section Layout and Report Definition Language (RDL), when the mouse button is released during auto scrolling at a location outside the design surface, the surface extends to accommodate the control.

    Scrolling stops in the following scenarios:

    Tip: To enable auto scrolling for multiple controls, hold down the [Ctrl] or [Shift] key to select the controls. Drag them together to the edge of the design surface and enable auto scrolling.
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