ActiveReports 17 .NET Edition
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    What's New
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    .NET 7 Support

    To keep up with the performance and multi-platform support requirements, ActiveReports now provides full .NET 7 support. You can move forward and upgrade your applications since we have ensured our libraries to work in .NET 7. See Microsoft's documentation on What's new and Breaking Changes for more details.

    New Web Designer Component in Blazor Framework

    ActiveReports now provides a new web designer component - Blazor Designer, a JavaScript control integrated in the Blazor framework. It is a client-side reporting tool that

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    Enhanced JSON Data Editor

    The connection string now allows fetching a JSON from an external URL using the GET and POST methods, Http headers, and request body options. This enhancement has been made in Page, RDL, and RDL Multi-Section Reports in all report designers, including Web Designer.

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    New Chart Templates - Range Charts and Gauge Chart

    Two new Chart templates - Range Charts with Bar, Area, and Column types, and Gauge Chart have been added to Page, RDL, and RDL Multi-Section reports. These charts are also available in Web Designer.

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    Interactivity for Chart Encodings

    Color, Size, and Shape encodings now support actions, so you can add interactivity to the encodings too. This enhancement is also available in Web Designer.

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    Print Only Watermark in PDF Export

    The WatermarkPrintOnly setting in PDF export for Page/RDL and Section  (CrossPlatform compatibility mode only) reports allows adding a watermark to an exported PDF file when printed.

    PDF Export (Page/RDL) | PDF Export (Section)

    Multi-Column List Layout

    List data region now has two new properties - 'RowsOrColumnsCount' and 'GrowDirection', the combination of which makes laying out content in a columnar layout easier.

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    Improved Installer

    ActiveReports introduces a lightweight Web Installer that is the default ActiveReports installer from now on. The installer excludes the NuGet packages earlier placed in the installed location. However, you can request the offline installer for a complete ActiveReports setup.

    Complete SectionReport CrossPlatform mode Support

    The Section reports rendering engine now supports full cross-platform rendering and with this, the dependency on GDI rendering (and libgdiplus library) has been removed.

    Enhancements Exclusive to Web Designer

    Added a New Report Type - RDL Dashboard Report

    RDL Dashboard report has been introduced in ActiveReports's Web Designer. The RDL dashboard report displays metrics in one scrollable view. In addition, you can make use of scrollable Container control and some actions to make data visualization in dashboards readable and interactive. 

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    Enhanced API

    ActiveReports provides a rich API for integrating the web designer components into your web application. To embed the Web Designer component in your project, use the Web Designer API. It lets you create, design, and save reports with added capabilities that include - defining the locale for the designer, customizing the default settings of the report items, managing the Data and Properties tab, modifying the application info, and much more.

    More UI Customization Possibilities

    It is now possible to control the tabs of the Web Designer application bar visible to the user, for example, Home, Context Actions, Parameters, Script, and About tab using appBar function. See the Web Designer API.

    New Runtime API

    It is now possible to perform common editor actions from code and check their statuses with editor function. See the Web Designer API.

    Filter or Sort the Properties appearing in Properties Panel

    Developers can now filter out or sort properties from Property Panel with the new filterProperties function. See the Web Designer API.

    Enhanced User Experience

    While designing any report, you might need to do a selection, and/or copy and paste controls if you are using the same element multiple times in the design area. Now it is possible to paste copied report items to the position of the cursor by clicking it within the design area; earlier the items were pasted on the top-left corner. 

    Also, you can now start selection from any point on the design area including the report margin area.

    Enhancements Exclusive to Web Viewer

    Parameters Panel to be Always Available

    On previewing reports in Web Viewers, the Parameters Panel will now always be available by default, irrespective of whether a parameter is set to a default value or requires user input. This enhancement allows the report viewer to filter the data interactively. Use the new enum 'open' added to the 'parametersPanel' initialization option.

    JS Viewer API | Blazor Viewer API 

    Set Zoom Level for Reports

    You can set the report zoom level, which the report will have when it is opened, by using the InitialZoomMode and InitialZoomPercentage properties.

    JS Viewer API | Blazor Viewer API