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In This Topic
    CompiledReportHandler Class
    In This Topic
    By default the handler is registered with the *.ActiveReport file extension to pick up any request for an ActiveReport that has been compiled into a CLR/.NET assembly. The handler loads the ActiveReport from the specified assembly, runs and exports it to a specified format, defaulting to HTML.
    Object Model
    CompiledReportHandler Class
    Public NotInheritable Class CompiledReportHandler 
       Inherits ArHandlerBase
    public sealed class CompiledReportHandler : ArHandlerBase 

    Uses reflection to load the assembly and the specified report class; executes, and exports the report.

    Assembly is to be specified as the first folder, and report class name as the subfolder. For example: http://localhost/MyAssemblyName/ActiveReport1.ActiveReport where MyAssemblyName.dll is the actual assembly filename, and ActiveReport1 the report class name. The special folder name indicating the assembly is evaluated from right to left, so if there are multiple folder levels, the folder name directly preceding the file name is always the assembly name.

    For example, this would allow the following URL to be used:"http://localhost/AnyFolder/AnySubFolder/MyAssemblyName/ActiveReport1.ActiveReport">http://localhost/AnyFolder/AnySubFolder/MyAssemblyName/ActiveReport1.ActiveReport

    You may also set any parameters you've added to the report's Parameters collection via the DataSource icon in the URL.  For example:


    To use this handler you must enter the following into your web.config file (making sure to use the correct Version):

    <add verb="*" path="*.ActiveReport" type="GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Web.Handlers.CompiledReportHandler, GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Web" />           

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