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    ReportService Settings
    In This Topic

    ActiveReports ReportService supports some external settings, which are useful while previewing reports in Web Viewers. The following table describes each of these settings with an example.

    Setting Description Example
    accessPoint It is the path to report service descriptor. This setting should be used in a Web Viewer to override the default web service. This setting is only required for Web Viewer. <>
      <WebService accessPoint="http.../*.asmx" />
    publicURI It is a special setting to support redirection because report service results contain absolute URIs. Supported in all viewers. <>
      <WebService publicURI="http.../" />
    reportLifetime It is the current report lifetime if the report tab is not closed. The default report lifetime is 10 minutes, but it can be set to any value. It is not recommended to make the report lifetime less than 2 minutes. Supported in all viewers. <>
      <WebService reportLifetime="00:10:00" />
    maxReportLifetime It is the maximum allowed report lifetime, after which the report is destroyed on the server. The default maximum report lifetime is 24 hours; it can be set to any value. Supported in all viewers. <>
      <WebService maxReportLifetime="24:00:00" />
    assemblyFolder It is the temporary folder path, specified only if required. Supported in all viewers. <>
      <WebService assemblyFolder="~" />
    Note: ReportService settings do not work in obsolete Medium trust environment.

    Note: ReportService settings (ActiveReportsXX section) are ignored in the web.config.