ActiveReports 15 .NET Edition
GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Export.Excel Assembly / GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder.Cells Namespace / DDCell Class / GetValue Method

In This Topic
    GetValue Method (DDCell)
    In This Topic
    Returns the cell's current value.
    Public Function GetValue() As Object
    public object GetValue()

    Return Value

    The return type is one of the following:

    • Null reference (for CellTypes.Blank)
    • System.String (for CellTypes.Label)
    • System.Double (for CellTypes.Number)
    • A value in the BiffCellBoolErrValues enumeration (for CellTypes.BoolErr)

    Use DDCell's Type property to determine the type of the cell before returning the value, or check the type of the returned value.

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