ActiveReports 15 .NET Edition
GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Export.Excel Assembly / GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder.Printing Namespace / PageSetup Class / FitToPage Property

In This Topic
    FitToPage Property
    In This Topic
    Returns a value indicating whether the FitToPage option is selected in the page setup dialog.
    Public ReadOnly Property FitToPage As Boolean
    public bool FitToPage {get;}

    Property Value

    Boolean.  The default value is False.
    If FitToPagesWide or FitToPagesTall was set since the last Zoom, this property will return True to indicate that the FitToPage option in the Page Setup dialog is selected. If Zoom was set since FitToPagesWide or FitToPagesTall (or none of these properties were set at all) this property returns False, indicating that the zoom/percentage scaling option is selected.
    sb.Sheets[0].PageSetup.FitToPagesTall = 2;
    sb.Sheets[0].PageSetup.FitToPagesWide = 2;
    if (sb.Sheets[0].PageSetup.FitToPage == true)
    sb.Sheets(0).PageSetup.FitToPagesTall = 2
    sb.Sheets(0).PageSetup.FitToPagesWide = 2
    If sb.Sheets(0).PageSetup.FitToPage = True Then
    End If
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