ActiveReports 15 .NET Edition
GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Export.Excel Assembly / GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder Namespace
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    GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder Namespace
    In This Topic
    The GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder namespace contains the Column, Row, Sheet and Workbook classes used for building Excel spreadsheets.
    ClassThrown when the columns' count is out of range in a specific excel format.
    ClassIndicates that an error (most likely related to images) occurred in the compression library.
    ClassRepresents a column in a spreadsheet.
    ClassRepresents a single row in a sheet.
    ClassEncapsulates the information necessary to provide spreadsheet document security and encryption.
    ClassRepresents an Excel worksheet.
    ClassThrown when you try to set a Name property to a value already in use.
    ClassA collection of DDSheet objects.
    ClassThe tool class for encrypting OpenXml format and exporting it. Can find the spec in [MS-OFFCRYPTO].
    ClassThrown when change a sheet's name to an invalid value. The name cannot be empty, cannot exceed 31 characters and cannot contain any of following characters: : \ / ? * [ or ]
    ClassThrown when the password is invalid in a specific excel format.(For example: the length of password is out of range.)
    ClassThrown when an operation is requested that requires at least one sheet in the Sheets collection (for example Saving the workbook) and no sheets exist.
    ClassThrown when the rows' count is out of range in a specific excel format.
    ClassA general exception thrown for application errors in the GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder assembly.
    ClassIndicates that a feature or features were not implemented for a particular version of the Excel/BIFF file format.
    ClassRepresents a workbook that contains spreadsheets. This object presents information that is relevant to all spreadsheets in the workbook (e.g. Author, BIFF/file version, etc.).
    EnumerationSpecifies the file format that the outputted file should support.
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