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    CSV Provider
    In This Topic

    The CSV Data Provider supports following option under the Connection section in Report Data Source dialog.

    Connection String

    The CSV connection string is generated on the basis of options selected in the Configure CSV Data Source wizard.

    Options in the Configure CSV Data Source wizard Description Example
    Path Path to the CSV file - both local and relative; or a URL for centrally located CSV data sources. C:\Categories.csv
    Encoding Encoding of the CSV file. Unicode (UTF-7)
    File Type The type of CSV file. You can choose from Fixed and Delimited options. Delimited
    Text Qualifiers Symbol to specify where the text begins and ends. You can choose from Quotes and Single quotes options. Quotes
    Column Separator Symbol to separate the columns. You can choose from Comma, Semicolon, Tab, and Space options. Semicolon
    Treat consecutive as one Specify whether to join the column separators or row separators as one. Checked for Column separator

    Unchecked for Row Separator
    Locale Specify the locale. English (United States)
    Starting Row Row number to start fetching data. 0
    Columns have headers Specify whether the CSV file has columns with headers or not. Checked
    Row Separator Symbol to separate the rows. You can choose from CRLF (carriage return and line feed), CR (carriage return), and LF (line feed) new line formats. New line (CRLF)
    Get from preview Fills the Columns area with names and data types (string by default) for columns present in csv file. This allows you to modify the name and data type (as String, Boolean, Date Time, Integer, or Float) for the columns. ClaimAmt(Float), SvcDate(DateTime)
    Note: Text QualifiersColumn Separator, Row Separator, and Treat Consecutive as one options are not available for Fixed file type.

    For example, the following connection string is generated based on the options selected in the Example column above.

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