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    Interactive Features
    In This Topic

    ActiveReports supports features like parameters, filters, drill-down, links, document map and sorting to provide an interactive look to your report at run time.


    ActiveReports allows you to set parameters in your report to filter the data displayed. Parameters make navigation of the report easier for the user at run time. See Parameters for further details.


    The filtering feature is only available with page layout reports. By using filters in your page report or RDL report you can limit the information you want to display on your report. See Filtering for further details.

    Drill-Down Reports

    When you open a report with drill-down features, part of the data is hidden so that you only see high-level data until you request more detail. See Drill-Down Reports for more information. 

    Bookmark, Hyperlinks and Drill-Through Links

    Bookmark Links

    When you click a bookmark link, the viewer navigates to a bookmarked item within the current report.


    When you click a hyperlink, your machine's default internet browser opens to display a Web page.


    Using the drill-through link feature in your report you can navigate to another report for details about the item you clicked.

    See Linking in Reports for further details.

    Document Map

    The Document Map (Table of Contents) feature allows you to navigate to a particular item in a report. See Document Map for further details.


    The sorting feature allows you to organize your data and present it in a logical order at run-time. Using this feature you can sort the data alphabetically or numerically in ascending or descending order. See Sorting for further details.

    Note: You cannot use the interactive features in the following cases:
    • With Adobe Acrobat Reader and RawHTML types of the WebViewer.
    • With reports that use the collation feature, i.e. reports that have two or more themes.


    The annotations feature allows you to add floating text bars or images to call attention to specific items or values or to add notes and special instructions directly to the reports. These annotations are accessible through the Annotation button present on the Viewer toolbar which is hidden by default. Annotations added via the viewer's toolbar are temporary and are destroyed when the report closes. See Annotations for further details.

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