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In This Topic
    JSON Provider
    In This Topic

    The JSON Data Provider supports following options under the Connection section in Report Data Source dialog.


    In the Content tab, specify the type of JSON data source. The options available for specifying the JSON data are as follows:


    The JSON schema describes the structure of a JSON data. In ActiveReports, the JSON data provider uses the JSON schema to obtain fields. For more information on JSON schema, please see
    The keywords of JSON schema that are supported in the JSON data provider are:

    Note: Schema is the only required option to create a connection string.

    In the Schema tab, the options available for specifying the JSON schema are:

    Connection String

    JSON connection string has two parts - jsondoc or jsondata and schemadoc or schemadata.

    Note: If you are using an expression in the connection string, you should use single quotes (') instead of double quotes (") in jsondoc or jsondata and schemadoc or schemadata.

    For example, the following connnection string is invalid:

    ="jsondata={  "Name": "Name"};schemadata={    "$schema": "",
        "definitions": {},    "id": "",
        "properties": {        "Name": {            "id": "/properties/Name",
                "type": "string"        }    },    "type": "object"}"

    Use the following instead:

    ="jsondata={  'Name': 'Name'};schemadata={    '$schema': '',
        'definitions': {},    'id': '',
        'properties': {        'Name': {            'id': '/properties/Name',
                'type': 'string'        }    },    'type': 'object'}"