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    Shape (Section Report)
    In This Topic

    In ActiveReports, the Shape control is used to add simple shapes to a report. 

    Important Properties

    Property Description
    LineColor Gets or sets the color of the shape lines.
    LineStyle Gets or sets the pen style used to draw the line.
    LineWeight Gets or sets the pen width used to draw the shape.
    Style Gets or sets the shape type to draw. You can select from Rectangle, Ellipse and a RoundedRect. 
    RoundingRadius Sets the radius of each corner for the RoundRect shape type. You can select Default, TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft or BottomRight. Selecting Default sets the radius of all the corners of the Shape control to a specified percentage. Default value = 10 (percent).

    Shape Dialog

    With the control selected on the report, in the Commands section at the bottom of the Properties window, you can click the Property dialog command to open the dialog.


    Name: Enter a name for the shape that is unique within the report. This name is displayed in the Document Outline and in XML exports. You can only use underscore (_) as a special character in the Name field. Other special characters such as period (.), space ( ), forward slash (/), back slash (\), exclamation (!), and hyphen (-) are not supported.

    Tag: Enter a string that you want to persist with the control. If you access this property in code, it is an object, but in the Properties window or Property dialog, it is a string.

    Visible: Clear this check box to hide the control.


    Shape type: Select the type of shape to display. You can choose from Rectangle, Ellipse, or RoundRect. For a circle, set the control width and height properties to the same value, and choose Ellipse, or choose RoundRect and set the Rounding radius to 100%.

    Rounded Rectangle: When the Shape type is set to RoundRect, you can specify the radius for each corner of the shape independently. Drag the handlers Handleravailable at each corner of the shape to set the value of the radius at each corner.

    Note: To enable specific corners, check the CheckBox available near each corner of the Shape control.

    • Use the same radius on specified corners: Select this option to apply the same radius to all selected corners of the shape.

    • Use different radius on specified corners: Select this option to apply a different radius to each selected corner of the shape.

    Line style: Select a line style to use for the shape line. You can set it to Transparent, Solid, Dash, Dot, DashDot, DashDotDot, or Double.

    Line weight: Enter the width for the shape line.

    Line color: Select a color to use for the shape line.

    Background color: Select a color to use for the background of the shape.

    Background style: Select a background style for the shape from Solid, Gradient, and Pattern. Depending on the style selected, other properties are available.

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