ActiveReports 15 .NET Edition
ActiveReports 15 User Guide / Upgrade Reports
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    Upgrade Reports
    In This Topic

    This section summarizes information on migration of ActiveReports, importing Microsoft Access reports, Crystal reports, and Microsoft Excel; and coexistence of ActiveReports .NET designers of different versions.

    Topic Content
    Breaking Changes Describes changes from the previous version
    Migrate .NET Framework Project to .NET 5 Platform

    Describes the steps to migrate a .NET Framework project to .NET 5 platform.

    Migration Types Describes the migration types and layouts
    Migrating from Previous Versions Describes migration from previous versions of ActiveReports for .NET
    Migrating Execution Environment Describes about migration of execution environment
    Migrating from ActiveReports 2 COM Describes migration from ActiveReports COM (the ActiveX version)
    ActiveReports 2 COM versus ActiveReports for .NET Describes the difference between ActiveReports COM and ActiveReports for .NET
    Coexistence of ActiveReports Visual Studio Integrated Designers Describes the compatibility of different versions of Visual Studio Integrated Designers and Visual Studio