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    What's New
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    We have made a number of changes and added new features since the last version of ActiveReports. Following are some of the major highlights of this release.

    Custom Font Resolver

    Our new custom font resolver helps you configure fonts for all report types - Page, RDL, and Section reports (in the CrossPlatform compatibility mode) by specifying the new FontResolver property.

    You can also configure custom font settings globally in the GrapeCity.ActiveReports.config file that you can place to the ActiveReports installation directory (if installed), or to the application or web application directory.

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    Improved TIFF and PDF Exports (Section Report)

    The improved section report PDF and TIFF exports are now 100% WYSIWYG in both section report compatibility modes, GDI and CrossPlatform.

    Improved Title Property of Picture Control (Section Report)

    The text in the Title property of the Picture control

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    New Radar DV Chart Template

    A new DV Chart template - Radar, has been added for Page/RDL reports. You can choose one of the four (4) types - Radar Area, Radar Bubble, Radar Scatter, and Radar Line.

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    Dynamic Columns in Table

    A new AutoWidth property of the control column allows having dynamic columns in the Table data region. The AutoWidth property defines the column autogrow behavior when a Table has hidden columns to keep the data region width the same, regardless of the number of the data region's visible columns.

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    CrossAggregate Function in Tablix

    A new CrossAggregate function in a Tablix calculates the specified function with the specified expression as an argument in the cross of the specified row and column.

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    Improved Expressions Support in DV Charts

    You can use expressions in DV charts to modify the chart appearance settings like background color, tooltip template, label template, etc. You can do this by accessing the RuleDesigner Collection Editor in the Rules property of the chart Plot.

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    More Page Break Options in Data Regions

    The Between option is now included into the page break options, available in the BreakLocation property of groups in data regions (BandedList, List, Table, Tablix). With the Between option selected, the page break occurs between data region groups (at the end of current and start of next group) of a report.

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    New Excel Data Export

    The main feature of the new Excel Data export is the performance improvement. It exports only data from Tablix, Table, or Matrix data regions, preserving the data region structure and ignoring layout-related features and expressions. Other controls and data regions in the original report are ignored for this export.

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    Improved CSV Export

    The improved CSV Export features custom format options with the two (2) new properties - DateTimeFormat and NumericFormat.

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    .NET 5 Support

    To keep up with the current technology and applications and future versions of .NET going forward, ActiveReports now supports .NET 5. With this we have:

    Limitations: Microsoft does not support a custom designer in .NET 5 (see this link).

    New Web Installer

    ActiveReports introduces a new Web Installer that is the default ActiveReport installer from now on. However, you can request the offline msi installer for a complete ActiveReports 15 setup. With our new Web Installer, you can:

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    Print RDL Report as Receipt

    With a new Auto option of the PageSize.Height property, you don't need to perform calculations of an RDL report page height before printing or previewing it. In the Designer, you can set this property to Auto, and the report is printed on a single page.

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    Web Designer Enhancements

    Custom Parameters Panel

    Support of a custom parameters panel is a new feature of Web Designer and JSViewer. You can design the custom parameters panel in Web Designer, using the input controls such as the drop-down editor, the date range editor (to select start and end date), the date-time editor, the number editor, etc.

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    Table Wizard

    Using the new the table wizard, generate a Table data region by simple drag-drop operation of a dataset or selected fields from a dataset onto the design area.

    Enhanced ability of Tablix Wizard

    Improved UX for adding filters and parameters

    The capabilities around defining Filters for Datasets, Tables, Tablix, Chart, and other data regions (where applicable) have been simplified. This includes creating Parameters and Prompts. Now, with a single dialog, you can define a parameter, add a prompt for it, and then define a filter on the relevant data region or dataset.

    Expressionless UI and Simplified expressions

    The expressions have been removed from the designer in properties, data binding, and color values for the simplification purposes, retaining only the user-defined expressions. Besides this, the expressions syntax has been greatly simplified. Now, the Web Designer uses the string interpolation syntax (defined within {} brackets) for expressions, which is more readable.

    Simplified Web Designer API

    The Web Designer JS component can be easily set up, allowing you to create your report designer application in different frameworks, and use additional components (like File, Data Source, and Dialogs).

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