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    What's New
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    We have made a number of changes and added new features since the last version of ActiveReports. Following are some of the major highlights of this release.

    Enhancement in PDF Export (Pro)

    With the new API, you can add metadata that includes document information properties like title, contributor, description, etc. to exported PDFs. You can also add files as attachments to exported PDFs. This feature is supported in the Pdf Rendering Extension and Pdf Export with Version PDF/A-3b or higher.

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    Improved Excel Export

    The Container, Table, Tablix and Subreport controls in Page and RDL reports have a new PageName property. This new property sets the name for a sheet with this report item in the exported Excel file.

    .NET Core Support

    The ActiveReports packages available through NuGet let you design and preview reports in .NET Core applications. The applications can be deployed in major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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    Improved Installation

    ActiveReports 14 brings several improvements in the installation process to provide a simplified installation and update experience. The changes include:

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    New JSViewer (Pro)

    An improved JSViewer in ActiveReports 14 offers more features in addition to the old JSViewer, which are Search panel, print without preview, and extensive export format support, including the ones for section reports.

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    Improved Standalone Designer

    The UI/UX enhancements have been made in the standalone designer shipped with ActiveReports 14 to comply with the modern look and feel.

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    Improved WebViewer (Pro)

    An improved WebViewer in ActiveReports 14 uses the Pro JSViewer instead of the old ASP.NET WebViewer, offering all advantages of using this new generation viewer features.

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    InputField (Page and RDL Reports) (Pro)

    A new report control for Page and RDL reports, InputField, provides support for editable fields in an exported PDF report where the InputField’s value can be modified. The new control can be of two types, Text and Checkbox, that you can set in the Type property. Each selected type has its own set of properties.

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    Rendering Extensions Improvements

    In ActiveReports 14, we have improved the rendering extensions implementation to get better performance and user-friendly behavior. The API changes mainly affect the PDF and Image rendering extensions.

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    Adding Data in Web Designer (Pro)

    You can now access data directly from the ActiveReports 14 Web Designer by adding a data source and a data set under the Data tab. You can choose from a number of predefined data providers that include Microsoft SQL Client, Microsoft Ole DB, Microsoft ODBC, JSON, CSV, and XML.

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