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In This Topic
    SectionDocument Class
    In This Topic
    The Document object represents the generated output of a report.
    Object Model
    SectionDocument Class
    Public Class SectionDocument 
       Inherits GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Core.Document.GenericDocument(Of Page,PagesCollection)
       Implements GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Core.Document.IDocument(Of Page) 
    public class SectionDocument : GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Core.Document.GenericDocument<Page,PagesCollection>, GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Core.Document.IDocument<Page>  

    ActiveReports renders its output to the pages of a document object.  The document can be used with any of the viewer controls, saved for later retrieval or exported using any of ActiveReports export filters.

    If you need to have a serializable section document (to move it between application domains), then you should use the  simple derived class. See the example of code below.

    public class SerializableSectionDocument : SectionDocument, ISerializable
       public SerializableSectionDocument()
       protected SerializableSectionDocument(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context) : base (info, context)
    Public Class SerializableSectionDocument
        Inherits SectionDocument
        Implements ISerializable
        Public Sub New()
        End Sub
        Protected Sub New(ByVal info As SerializationInfo, ByVal context As StreamingContext)
            MyBase.New(info, context)
        End Sub
    End Class
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