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    Common Tasks
    In This Topic

    Learn to perform common tasks in Section reports with quick how-to topics.

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    Inherit a Report Template
    Learn how to inherit other reports from a base report as a template
    Change Ruler Measurements
    Learn how to change ruler measurements
    Conditionally Show or Hide Details
    Learn how to use conditions to control the display of report's detail section
    Use External Style Sheets
    Learn how to set custom style values in the Styles page
    Insert or Add Pages
    Learn how to add and insert pages from one report to another
    Add Groups
    Learn how to add group data by adding a pair of group header and group footer sections to the report
    Embed Subreports
    Learn how to embed a subreport into a parent report
    Add Code to Layouts Using Script
    Learn how to use script to access controls, functions in a class, namespaces, etc.
    Save and Load RDF Report Files
    Learn how to save and load RDF report files
    Save and Load RPX Report Files
    Learn how to save and load RPX report files
    Print Multiple Copies, Duplex and Landscape
    Learn how to modify various printer settings
    Basic Spreadsheet with SpreadBuilder
    Learn how to create a simple custom spreadsheet and save it to an Excel file