ActiveReports WinForms Report Designer

Empower your end users to create powerful ad hoc reports with the simple to use report designer for WinForms. Your users can view, edit, and create complete design-based, code free, .NET reports all in a single application. As a developer, you can easily create a customized End-User Report Designer with our modularized designer controls. Distribute your ad hoc report designer application to your end users without additional fees or royalties.

ActiveReports.NET End-User Report Designer Provides Customization and Control

Option to customize both the theme and user actions. Be in complete control over what your users see and manage their access to report properties and designer components.

Define User Access to

  • Saving Reports
  • Overriding Reports
  • Data Sources
  • Datasets
  • File Menu
  • Preview options
  • Printing
  • Downloading and Exporting

Your end-users will have the freedom to create and change a report’s layout while you control their access based on logic in your application.

Flexible Data Binding

The End-User Report Designer component supports all classic and modern data sources, including SQL, JSON, XML, CSV, and more.

Supported .NET Reporting Controls

The End-User Report Designer component features the following controls: Table, Tablix, Charts, FormattedText, Barcodes, Bullet, Sparkline, and Lists among others.

Also available as an Intuitive .NET Report Designer for Web

Users can leverage the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to add controls, fields, or report items to the design surface.


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