4 HMTL5 Widgets for sleek UI design

Back in the frontier-like environment of the early Internet, user interfaces were given a lot more leeway. While (almost) everyone came to agree that having roughly half the number of fonts as there were words on a Web page or over-inundating users with scrolling and clicking options tends to send people away screaming, there are more subtle design elements at work today that can make a big difference when it comes to user functionality and comfort. HTML5 widgets in Wijmo take advantage of the myriad programming opportunities available in crafting responsive, browser agnostic and highly tailored UI.

Designing intuitive Web pages and apps isn't especially difficult, but the devil is in the details, according to CMS Critic contributor Paul Sheng.

"Good websites are able to provide consistently enjoyable experiences for the end user," Sheng wrote. "The best websites take into consideration the lifestyle, beliefs, and abilities of their target audience, utilizing user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design to further the ultimate purpose of the site."

HTML5 Widgets for improving the 'ultimate purpose' of UI

  1. Gallery: This HTML5 widget is essential for effective image integration into Web pages and applications. It allows for the creation of image galleries that add a visual splash to any website. Picture orientation and positioning can be customized by the developer to generate the most effective positioning, while numeric navigation tools improve performance when a user peruses image content. The Gallery HTML5 widget also supports special effects with dynamic transitions, as well as the ability to host media such as Flash videos with a mode setting.
  2. Grid: One of the bedrocks of dynamic data visualization and reporting tools, it's essential that datagrids be engaging without verging into overly flashy territory. The Grid HTML5 widget offers intuitive displays of information with several forms of interaction, enabling users to sort, edit and delete data. Paging is another crucial element of the Grid widget, making it easier for users to navigate the different tables and pages within the application. It also offers a variety of automatic resizing and filtering tools to ensure that end users are working with the data they need.
  3. Lightbox: Media integration is critical to app functionality. The Lightbox HTML5 widget allows for easy viewing of images and other multimedia content in pop-up windows, so that users do not have to navigate away from the main UI in order to interact with this content. This includes content from popular media sources such as YouTube and Vimeo and an array of widely used video extensions.
  4. Line & Area Chart: Data is interactive. With the Line & Area Chart HTML5 widget, users can get the most out of data with real-time live updates to line, area and spline charts. A bevy of customizable and animation features enable modification according to viewing preference, tooltip integration so that the chart responds to cursor movements and color, position and even shadowing options to improve the look and feel of data visualizations. Varied date, time and label options improve the application's readability and allow users to continue visually manipulating the app to draw new inferences.


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