ActiveReports 14 Webinar (Video Playback)

We enjoy interacting with our community of developers and ActiveReports users during every webinar. Recently, we had two great sessions full of questions and interaction. This webinar focused on some of the new features of ActiveReports 14. Everyone on the panel, Tyler Barlock, Troy Taylor, Evan Warren, and myself picked our favorite features to discuss and demo.

I started with the major news of the release, .NET Core support. ActiveReports 14 comes with full support for .NET Core, both desktop and web. This means you can use our report engine directly in your .NET Core application without a dependency on .NET full framework. You can then deploy that application to Linux, Mac, or Windows. This makes ActiveReports a true cross-platform reporting solution!

Tyler showcased another major feature of ActiveReports 14, AcroForms creation. In this release, we introduced a new report control — InputField. Using this control, and setting a couple of properties, you can easily create very complex PDF forms.

Next, Troy demonstrated the features of our web-based report designer. In this latest release, you can enable your end users to create their own pre-configured data sources and datasets. This is a feature that will increase efficiency and save time (for both you and your end-users).

Evan discussed the BandedList control and how you could use that to migrate your section reports (*.rpx) to RDL and Page reports and use those in the new web report designer. This is a wonderful addition for those using section reports and wanting to make use of the power and features of RDL and Page reports.

If you missed the webinar, no problem. We have the video playback and resources below:

Watch the ActiveReports 14 Webinar Video Playback

Read the Full ActiveReports 14 Release| Download Webinar Resources

ActiveReports 14 is a feature-packed release. We look forward to sharing more about these features and others in our upcoming webinars and blogs. If you have any questions about the release (or any of the new features), please leave it in the comments section below.

Mateen Firoz

Product Manager
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