ActiveReports 9 Server for Efficient & Effective Business Reporting - II

In our last blog, we saw how ActiveReports9 Server was successful in impressing the Store Manager and the IT Personnel. Hence they decided to consider the product for their next level of POC and see if it meets met their higher level requirements.

1. Tabular Representation of Data

Data is better read and stated in Tabular Form. Tables not only enhance readability but also the ease of representation, analysation and comprehension. ActiveReports9 Server not only supports Tabular Reports but also offers various options like Filtering/Grouping within the Table, that too without writing any code and as per the needs of the user. The interactive tables offer the comfort of grid on paper. TableMultipleGroups Further formatting like sorting/styling can also be done without much hassle.

2. Pictographic Representation of Data : Charts

Since one of the roles of the Store Manager is to analyse the sales data and profit statement, it is always easier if the same can be represented pictographically. Also, it would be better if the comparative data could be represented for a period of time, which will help the Store Manager to analyse his team's performance better. ActiveReports9 Server not just supports Charts, its implementation is as easy as a piece of cake. The intuitive, drag-drop user interface gives you an option to add a chart as soon any field is dragged onto the report. chart Further customizations like adding series, dropping data fields, changing chart types, adding filters, swapping data etc. can be done via simple clicks which would otherwise take hours.

3. Parameterized Reports

The reports are ready with all the data, represented well in Tables and Charts but what if the Senior Management are not interested in whole cumulative data. Instead, they are more interested in the sales selective for a few months. This would help them strategize their offers, new launches for the future etc. What now? Will the Store Manager have to re-create all the reports and change the design/data? Not Really. With ActiveReports9 Server, he can simply add parameters by adding Filters to Table/Charts and that's it! He is good to go. TableFilterComparisonValues Similarly, the performance reports already created for the complete team can be used to get the performance data of a single employee by adding parameters to these reports.

4. Scheduling of Reports

From the above points it is very much clear that a report once designed can be reused again and again. However, it would be very cumbersome, if the reports need to be generated explicitly from time to time. For example, the Store Manager wants to know the sales of the store for each day. The report is designed, the data is punched in as the orders are placed, but then he will have to run the application or execute the report at the end of every day?. What if he forgets to do it? What if he is on leave for a day? Can they afford to miss the reports for those days? Moreover won't it be too mechanical for the Store Manager to run the same report at the same time on daily basis? screenshot_ARS_schedule_0115 Not to worry much, the Scheduling feature offered by ActiveReports9 Server takes care of this scenario. Even if the manager is there in the store, he need not run it. It can be scheduled and dropped at the desired location automatically using Windows File Share, or send it to e-mail recipients. With the second level of (POC) as well, ActiveReports 9 Server has passed all the tests and has proved to be one useful tool. You are also requested to go ahead and download your evaluation copy today.


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