ActiveReports Server Quick Start

Installation and Configuration

In this section, we'll go through the operating system settings to use with ActiveReports Server, walk through the installation, explain the settings that allow access to the portal from other PCs, and show you how to check that everything is working.

Administrator Dashboard Setup

This section describes how to create and set up roles and user accounts. We do this using the Administrator Dashboard, so you'll need to log in as administrator. See Managing Security in the User Guide for more information.

In this section, we use included sample reports to show you how to set permissions and categories for each report.

Report Portal Setup and Operation

This section walks through general usage of the Report Portal and setup options for users, plus allows you to test the reports we set up in the Administrator Dashboard exercises.

Schedule Settings

This section describes how to set up a report to automatically generate once a week in PDF format and send as an email attachment. For scheduling, we need to set it up in both the Administrator Portal and the Report Portal. In the Administrator Portal, we create a schedule template, and in the Report Portal, we use the template to schedule reports.

Report Edits with the Report Designer

You can also edit reports saved to the server directly from the developer ActiveReports Visual Studio-integrated designer or the End-User Designer. For help using the ActiveReports designer, please see the Basic Data Bound Reports walkthrough in the product help.

ActiveReports Server lets you generate reports on demand (anywhere and any time) using the latest data. Plus you can schedule reports to generate on a regular basis and email or save them to any folder. Combine ActiveReports Server with the End-User Designer from ActiveReports Professional to let users create and edit reports without installing ActiveReports. The features introduced in this guide represent only a fraction of what you can do with ActiveReports Server. For more information, check out the online help: Administrator Guide | Report Portal Guide | Web API We hope that this helps you in using ActiveReports Server.


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