Add a Data Grid Search Panel Control in FlexGrid for WinForms

From time to time we have support requests about search in FlexGrid for WinForms, and I'm glad to share that the 2016 v3 release fills this gap in out-of-the-box functionality. In previous releases we only supported searching for entries in a column when C1FlexGrid.AutoSearch property is set. Searching over the whole grid with filtering and highlighting results was only possible with a lot of custom code as described in these posts:

Let's see how a new FlexGrid search panel control makes it easier.

Use the Data Grid Search Panel to search in FlexGrid

If you need your application to allow full text search over the whole FlexGrid control, place FlexGridSearchPanel on the same form with the FlexGrid control and attach it to the FlexGrid in the property grid as you see here: How to setup search in FlexGrid at design-time How to setup search in FlexGrid at design-time Basically, that's it. Add some code to fill your grid with data and run your application to see what happens when you type some string in the search box. Depending on the search panel's SearchMode property, you can set up it to perform search as end-user types or to only search when end-user clicks the search button: The FlexGridSearchPanel options The FlexGridSearchPanel options You can use HighlightSearchResults and FilterSearchResults properties to chose how search results should be reflected in the FlexGrid control. By default, both properties are set to true, which results in filtering grid and highlighting all occurrences: Highlighted and filtered search results Highlighted and filtered search results Depending on your needs, you can decide to not filter results or highlight: Highlighted search results Highlighted search results Filtered search results Filtered search results


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