How to Add a Table to Your .NET Spreadsheet using Java (Video)

Documents for Excel, Java Edition | How to Add a Pivot Table to a Spreadsheet

GrapeCity Documents for Excel, Java Edition, (GcExcel Java) is a high-speed, feature-rich Excel document API based on VSTO. We released the GcExcel for .NET Version in April 2018, and with this launch, it's now possible to use a similar package in Java applications.

In this video, we’ll add a table to a spreadsheet.

You can add a table structure on data using built-in styling, or your own custom styles. Suppose you want to calculate the total row count in a table, and the average weight.

Let’s see do this with GcExcel.

Step 1:

Initialize the workbook.

Step 2:

Add a range of data.

Step 3:

Add the data to the worksheet.

Step 4:

Set the table over the range of data.

Step 5:

Set formulas over the table to calculate total rows count and average weight.

Step 6:

Save the workbook and run the application.

With GcExcel, you can command total control of your spreadsheets—with no dependencies on Excel.

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Jody Handley

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