Before I go into any details about Angular 2, let me answer your question: yes, Wijmo will fully support Angular 2. Today, Google released the Angular 2 Beta. This is a big deal, because it means Angular 2 is stabilizing. From the Angular Team:

Beta means we're now confident that most developers can be successful building large applications using Angular 2.

As I said, Wijmo will fully support Angular 2. We have been working hard, developing Angular 2 support using the Preview and Alpha releases. The Angular Team has also been very helpful in helping us solve some critical issues. Its been a really interesting transition for us. One thing I can say is: Wijmo 5 was already much more aligned with Angular 2 than Angular 1.

  • Our source code is already written in TypeScript
  • All of our Controls are already TS Classes
  • We have zero dependencies on other JS libraries like jQuery

So we feel right at home in Angular 2. We will have a lot more detail to share about this soon! We are glad to see Angular 2 stabilizing into Beta. Good luck, Angular Team! We are liking what we see so far and are right there with you.