First of all, we are overwhelmed with how much interested you have in Angular 2 and Wijmo. Thanks to everyone who has been involved in testing our preview so far. We planned to already have a Beta released for our Angular 2 Components. However, we ran into some infrastructure challenges that we underestimated. Angular 2 made some significant choices, like adopting NodeJS, NPM, TypeScript, System.JS, etc. Luckily, our source code was already written in TypeScript, so writing Angular 2 Components was very easy. Unfortunately, when it came time to wijmo as modules, things took longer than expected. It took us extra time to research the module pattern for Angular2 and to make sure our build system created the correct packages. We also needed to make sure our samples used NPM properly. Luckily, this extra time is only a one-time investment. Now that we have infrastructure setup, we can quickly update our Angular 2 support and keep up with the Angular team. Our current source code is updated for Angular 2 Beta 6. Our target will be to stay in sync with Angular 2 versions with a slight delay for QA testing (probably one week). The plan is to release our official Angular 2 support in mid-March for our 2016 v1 release. We apologize for the delay in this, but we wanted to get it right and meet Angular 2's new standards. We have been providing a preview build to people who contact us and are really interested. If you are interested in getting access to our most recent build, please email Our most recent build includes some new Angular 2 samples and our wijmo.angular2 modules compatible with Angular 2 Beta 6. Thanks for the interest in Wijmo and Angular 2!