Are you a Microsoft MVP?

We regularly receive emails from Microsoft MVP’s inquiring if we have a program that offers NFR product licenses to Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP). One client recently worded it well in his inquiry, that by us having a MVP program it is a way to reward community volunteers, get expert feedback, and generally create community awareness about our products. He went on to say that MVPs, with their particular skills and community focus, are useful allies in product evaluation and beta testing. In addition, MVPs are often in a position to recommend products, and/or influence the purchasing policy of their clients. While we have had a MVP program in place for several years, we couldn’t agree more with what this MVP shared about the community and the mutual benefits of such a program. Then it got us thinking, maybe there are other MVP’s out there that aren’t aware of our offering and how could we reach them, hence this blog post. If you are a Microsoft MVP then we would love to hear from you. Send an email to evangelist at componentone dot com that includes your contact info and a link to your MVP profile. We would be happy to assist you in selecting a product that will best fit your needs and development goals.


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