AZ Groups 2013 : recap

Over 600 attendees were all ears at the 10th anniversary of AZGroups with several great sessions in one track. In particular, Scott Guthrie's session on Azure had the crowd riveted on every word. Scott is one of my favorite speakers and any chance I get to listen to him is a great experience. He qualifies the audience and he knows how to point the pain out and then solve it. This is a technique I am a firm believer in for many of the 2000+ developer sessions I have delivered personally at Microsoft and now ComponentOne. More presenters should use this approach of identifying the pain, as it really makes the attendees feel great. You can’t help but feel your life is about to get better as a result of listening to a session about solving pain, your pain specifically. Scott Cate did a great job lining up this event along with speakers Damian Edwards and Josh Twist. Several vendors were present in the expo hall and there was lots of interest from attendees on the C1 Controls. It was great catching up with Joseph Guadagno, Barry Stahl, and Fabio Honigmann. IMG_6619IMG_6612IMG_6608IMG_6606IMG_6598IMG_6589IMG_6578IMG_6576IMG_6573IMG_6566IMG_6555IMG_6552IMG_6548IMG_6537IMG_6534IMG_6517IMG_6510IMG_6508IMG_6498IMG_6490 Photos of AZGroups 2013


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