Boise Code Camp 2012 Recap

This was my first ever trip to Idaho, and all I knew of Boise was working with JR Simplot (I used to work in foodservice logistics) and the "Smurf Turf". There are a lot of good people at Simplot, I expected the same from the Boise community, and y'all did not disappoint. Adam and I met a lot of great people this weekend, and admired how nice the downtown area is. Boise is a wonderful little city, and the BSU facilities were gorgeous. My compliments to the organizers for arranging beautiful weather, and timing the code camp with Tree Fort. In all seriousness, that would be a good tie en every year, and probably should be linked to on the website. As for the turf, well, it's very blue in person, too, so it's not my TV freaking out. LightSwitch Onramp There were only a few of you attending this talk, which is usual for LightSwitch. LightSwitch is one of those tools that not a lot of people know about, or understand, but once they see it in action they really like it. The biggest question regarding LightSwitch is Microsoft's commitment to it. Suffice to say, Microsoft is very committed to LightSwitch--some significant improvements to LightSwitch, and LightSwitch will be shipped as part of VS 11 (it's included in the beta right now). There are also some great things on the horizon, so I strongly recommend keeping LightSwitch on your "technologies to watch" list for this year. There is no code sample to post for this talk, because there's not really any code in LightSwitch. You can download my LightSwitch Onramp Slides, and if you'd like to see this talk again, I presented essentially the same talk as an MSDN webcast in 2011, and you can see it on our Vimeo channel at Make sure you check out our LightSwitch extensions at Building Wndows 8 Applications with HTML and jQuery A huge thank you to Michael Johnson of Microsoft for joining us, sharing some insight into Windows 8, and sharing his Build tablet with attendees. Your sense of humor and explanations added a lot to the entire talk. I will post my code when I get it updated, but as you saw in the demo, what was ready for prime time with Developer Preview isn't quite ready for Consumer Preview. I apologize, but it's out of our control. If you would like some current code samples, check out the HTML controls sample pack from MSDN. This talk is heavy with slides because it's a new OS, a new runtime, a new IDE, and a completely new development paradigm. If you know HTML and jQuery, you're fine with that, this is where I show you how those fit into this brave new world. For reference, you can download my Windows 8 Metro Apps with HTML and jQuery Script and Windows 8 Metro Apps with HTML and jQuery Slides. Since jQuery is a core technology, I used our Wijmo jQuery UI widgets for the charts and grid. Thanks again! Thanks again Boise, we had a great time visiting, and I look forward to coming back again! BTW, in regards to the latest BCS championship, all I can say is Roll Tide!


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