Businesses focus on enterprise apps, protection

No matter what devices employees are using for their daily work tasks, they will not be able to realize their full potential without the right tools to maximize benefits and streamline operations. Many organizations are turning toward enterprise application software to bolster staff productivity while ensuring a quality user experience. In many cases, companies are creating their own applications to better fit their specific needs and guarantee that any issues are quickly patched. As more devices enter the workplace, it will be important to consider what applications will be the most advantageous to leverage.

Business programs are becoming a vital asset for everyday operations from scheduling to inventory checks and more. Building an application for these purposes can take time, but guaranteeing that these needs are met will help boost overall profitability. According to a recent Tech Pro Research survey, half of respondents are currently utilizing an enterprise software solution and 16 percent of these users are thinking about adding onto their services, ZDNet reported. In addition, 29 percent of participants are planning to implement similar programs within the next year. If these organizations follow through, a runaway majority will be using enterprise software to get the most out of their functions, while the 21 percent who are not planning to implement any programs are left in the dust. As more companies explore the possibility of enterprise applications, user engagement and flexibility will be important to the project's success. Fortunately, 87 percent have been fairly satisfied with their systems, showing that there is potential in enterprise programs.

"Enterprise application software (EAS) may not be the sexiest topic in technology, but in terms of its value and relevance for day-to-day operations it is crucial, forming the backbone that organizations rely on to do business," ZDNet stated.

Security remains a priority
Whether app builders choose to go with HTML development or a premade program, protection measures are still a major requirement for businesses. According to the "Q1 2014 Good Mobility Index Report" by Good Technology, complex secure enterprise apps have seen more activations, increasing at 57 percent quarter over quarter. This growth should not come as a surprise since the security of mobile devices is still a substantial concern across industries. With the amount of malware targeting this hardware and the infamous Heartbleed bug, secure browsing rose by 2,900 percent in an effort to establish safer Internet connections. Using this information, developers should reflect the trend within their own portfolio and ensure that they build safety measures directly into business software. Doing so will protect sensitive data while still allowing employees to maintain full functionality.

"Security is at the heart of every conversation we're having with customers and this quarter more than ever, we're seeing the data reflect the significant investment they are making to keep their data secure," said Christy Wyatt, CEO and president of Good Technology. "Productivity, collaboration, efficiency these can only be realized when mobility is coupled with security. Organizations are seeing there's no room, or reason, to compromise on one or the other."


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