C1 RussCam Episode 64 – TechEd Part 2

Episode 64 – TechEd Part 2 There's more from TechEd in Orlando! See a great opening “RussCam” yell from the announcement party for GrapeCity acquiring ComponentOne! Eric Edgar talks with Russ about his experience using ComponentOne tools such WinForms and Silverlight controls as the FlexGrid. FilePicker, ColorPicker He talks about migrating apps from WinForms to Silverlight and how the controls were very consistent across the environments. Ungerboeck Software is the industry leader in event management software solutions. “We chose the Silverlight toolset from C1 because historically we have had a great rapport and great support with a lot of people at C1, Bernardo in particular”. We had issues with Telerik support. Then, Frank Evans, one of the many winners of a free TV from ComponentOne talks with Russ about his new prize! Great Outtakes of sights and sounds of the conference! This episode of Russ Cam™ is brought to you by ComponentOne UltimateCLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO image IMG_2495 Eric Edgar takes time on RussCam to discuss his success with ComponentOne tools. IMG_2522 Lots of TV winners from TechEd! More Photos on TechEd Celebration Party and TechEd


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