C1 RussCam Episode 65 – Sarasota Bar Camp Part 1

Episode 65 – Sarasota Bar Camp Part 1 Russ is in Sarasota for BarCamp! He takes a few minutes to catch up with his old friend, Microsoft MVP and BarCamp co-founder Stan Schultes. We had an incredible group shot all wearing the GVTV tee shirts from GrapeCity. Then, another co-founder, Tracy Ingram, talks about how BarCamp got started. I mention a session I sat in on by Dave Dockery and some cool social media tools. Tracy teams up to do a session on SEO Rockstars. We end this episode with an incredible ‘RussCam” yell! Brought to you by Spread.net CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO image IMG_0984 Tracy Ingram gears up for his session on SEO . IMG_0939 Dave Dockery on the walkway IMG_0791 More Photos Here for Sarasota Dev Group and Bar Camp


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