C1 RussCam Episode 71: INETA Community Leadership Summit

Episode 71: INETA Community Leadership Summit Before TechEd got underway, Russ stopped by the INETA Community Leadership Summit. He chats with Chris Eargle and Ken Tucker about the summit and more! Chris is the director of speakers. Ken chats about his user group in Melbourne, Space Coast User Group. See cameos by Dave Noderer and Alex Funkhouser and outtakes photos with Esteban Garcia, Greg Leonardo. Alex’s user group starts at the bar for his meetings with script club to follow, pretty funny. Richie Rump does the Russ Cam yell. Download your free trial of ComponentOne Spread.NET CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO! image IMG_2122IMG_2120IMG_2109IMG_2103IMG_2148IMG_2141IMG_2140IMG_2136IMG_2133IMG_2130IMG_2129IMG_2125IMG_2124IMG_2112IMG_2105 More Photos on TechEd Celebration Party and TechEd and INETA Summit.


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