C1 RussCamTV Episode 84: IT Palooza – Part 3 w Guest Interviewer Karen Slosaski

Guest interviewer, Karen Slosaski is back to interview more attendees at ITPalooza in Ft. Lauderdale! First, the leader of West Palm Dev, Sam Abraham, talks about his session at ITPalooza and what's coming up. Then, we catch up with Server MVP, Adnan Cartwright. Nina Grantcharova tells us about IASA and how you can get involved in south Florida. Then, Quetsy Puckett tells us all about Conquest Technology Services. image CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO IMG_1223IMG_1274IMG_1271IMG_1270IMG_1257IMG_1238IMG_1229IMG_1227IMG_1224IMG_1222IMG_1218IMG_1217IMG_1213IMG_1205IMG_1204 More IT Palooza Photos


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