C1DataGrid : Print Selected Cell Range

ComponentOne DataGrid for WPF supports printing and has an inbuilt Print method to achieve the same. This blog explains an approach on how one can print the selected range of cells in the C1DataGrid control. We will follow the below mentioned steps to implement the same :

  1. Create a filtered data table such that it contains only that range of rows & columns, which are selected in the grid.
  2. Programmatically create a new grid control.
  3. Bind the dynamically created grid to the filtered data table.
  4. Print the dynamically created grid.

Basic Grid Setup

To start the implementation, we need to bind the data and set the SelectionMode property. To bind the grid to a datasource, you can refer to here. Select a range of cells by setting the SelectionMode property of the grid to 'MultiRange'. Our grid will look as follows : SelectedRangeOfCells

Step I) Create Filtered DataTable

private DataTable GetTableOfSelectedRange(C1.WPF.DataGrid.C1DataGrid view)  
    // create a table containing the selection range  
    DataTable resultTable = new DataTable();  
    DataTable sourceTable = null;  

    // create lists for selected row & column ranges  
    var rowSel = c1DataGrid1.Selection.SelectedRows.ToList();  
    var colSel = c1DataGrid1.Selection.SelectedColumns.ToList();  

    if (view.ItemsSource is DataView)  
        sourceTable = ((DataView)view.ItemsSource).Table;  
    if (sourceTable != null)  
        for (int colHandle = 0; colHandle < colSel.Count; colHandle++)  
            resultTable.Columns.Add(new DataColumn(colSel[colHandle].Name));  
            for (int rowHandle = 0; rowHandle < rowSel.Count; rowHandle++)  
                ArrayList values = new ArrayList();  
                for (int colHandle = 0; colHandle < colSel.Count; colHandle++)  
    return resultTable;  

Step II) Create New Grid control in Code

// Create a CloneGrid  
C1.WPF.DataGrid.C1DataGrid clonedGrid = new C1DataGrid();  

// Add it to the Visual Tree  

Step III) Bind Grid to Filtered DataTable

// Assign the cloneTable as the Itemsource for the cloneGrid  
DataTable clonedTable = GetTableOfSelectedRange(c1DataGrid1);  
clonedGrid.ItemsSource = clonedTable.AsDataView();  

Step IV) Print Grid (Selected Range)

//Print the Grid  

Refer to the below image that depicts the generated output : Output Download Sample CS Download Sample VB


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