Codestock 2018: Friends, Fun, and Code

I had the pleasure to attend Codestock 2018 April 20-21 held in Knoxville, TN. We have been a sponsor of Codestock for a number of years, and for good reason. From an organization perspective, Codestock has always been well coordinated, the staff helpful, encouraging, and accommodating, and the programs diverse. Everyone, regardless of their skill level, found something of interest to attend throughout the days. That's because, this year especially, there were multiple fascinating sessions in each time slot. The sessions ranged from discussing the basics of programming and AI and machine learning to personal development and entrepreneurialism.

The attendees of the event were some of the nicest and coolest folks. We even met a couple of chemists from the University of Tennessee attending and enhancing their self-taught programming skills. We had great discussions with everyone we spoke with, especially regarding ActiveReports. I also found out that the good people of Knoxville are a football-loving, die-hard supporter of their university team. Their love of the game could possibly rival that of the Steel City. Almost.

All in all, Codestock is an awesome event to attend. With dedicated staff and volunteers, stimulating sessions, great food, great attendees, and a beautiful city, there is not much left wanting. To all those we met in Knoxville, we say 'Thank you' for your hospitality. We're always on the road attending different shows and hope to see you, and everyone else, there.

Mateen Firoz

Product Manager
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