Complete Release Notes for Studio for LightSwitch 2013 v1

Studio for LightSwitch 2013 v1 is now available and below you will find a complete list of the enhancements and fixes that we have included. If you have a current Studio for LightSwitch license, you can download and install this upgrade for free. If you do not, please contact sales to discuss your options. Studio for Silverlight Compatibility Note: The extensions in Studio for LightSwitch 2013 v1 (Build 34) use ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight version 4.0.20131.318. If you use both Studio for LightSwitch and Studio for Silverlight, it is recommended that you update Studio for Silverlight.

FlexGrid Updates:


  • In Boolean columns, the Esc key can now be used to undo editing actions performed with the mouse.


  • Fixed “object reference not set” error that occurred when a merged cell exited edit mode.
  • Corrected the display of merged cells in Summary columns. Formerly, a red X was shown.
  • Fixed bug where grouping on a Summary column did not work in a secondary tab, in customization mode, or when refreshing the screen.
  • Fixed regression where the time picker was not displayed and the date value was incorrect when editing a DateTime column.
  • When using the Enter key to select a value in a Choice column dropdown, focus no longer moves to the next row.
  • Fixed “out of range” error that occurred in some scenarios when two C1FlexGrid controls were used in a list and details screen.
  • Fixed bug where time values were not displayed when using the built-in DateTime Viewer control, even though the Show Time setting was checked.

Chart Updates: Enhancements:

  • Added support for the PieStacked chart type.


  • Fixed application hang when adding items in customization mode.
  • Fixed bug in tab layouts where column properties did not work for the chart in the second tab item.

OLAP Updates: Enhancements:

  • Improved support for large data sets. Previously, the entire screen collection had to be loaded in one chunk before the control would render. Depending upon the size of the data set, this could cause the application to hang. This version now supports progressive loading using the standard “Supports paging” option in the LightSwitch screen designer. By default, the OLAP screen template disables paging for the associated screen collection. For large data sets, you should re-enable paging and set the page size to at least 1000 (experiment with this value to get the best results for your data set). Note that the user will not be able to interact with the control until all data rows are loaded.
  • The control now displays a progress bar during data loading. If paging is enabled, the progress bar indicates how much data remains to be loaded. If paging is disabled, and all data will be loaded in a single operation, then the progress bar is in an indeterminate state.
  • The chart now displays an axis scroll bar if the number of data points is greater than the value specified by the C1OlapPage.MaxPoints property (default: 100). Previously, only the first 100 points were plotted. For bar charts, the scroll bar is attached to the Y axis; for all other charts, the scroll bar is attached to the X axis. If you need to decrease the value of MaxPoints in order to provide a more readable display, write code that uses the FindControl method and the ControlAvailable event to access the MaxPoints property on the underlying Silverlight control. Note that the automatic scrolling feature only applies when the Group Axis Annotations setting on the Chart menu is not checked.
  • If you are creating an instance of the C1OlapChart control in code, you must set its ScrollPoints property to true in order to achieve the automatic scrolling behavior described in the previous paragraph.


  • When right-clicking a cell in C1OlapGrid, the detail grid is now read-only. This eliminates various exceptions that occurred when attempting to modify cells in the detail grid.
  • Fixed “object reference not set” error that occurred when multiple C1OlapPage controls were used in the same screen.

RichTextBox Updates: Fixes:

  • Changed the internal representation of the Read Only property to correct a problem in one runtime scenario. Therefore, if you previously set the Read Only property to true in the designer you should check it again.
  • Fixed bug where the editor accepted the tab key even though the Accepts Tab property was set to false.

PDFViewer Updates: Enhancements:

  • Added the Show Error Messages property. If true (the default), then an error message is shown to the user when an error occurs during document loading. If false, then no error message is displayed and the C1PdfViewer shows a blank document.


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