ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC Edition released!

ComponentOne Studio 2015 V1 has been released. We are pleased to introduce a new ASP.NET MVC edition which has a set of modern UI controls built upon the latest cutting edge technologies like HTML5, CSS3, ECMA5 without making compromises to support legacy browsers. Inside ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC you will find fast and lightweight controls ranging from data management to data visualization, project templates, and professionally designed themes. These controls are very easy to use and support various server side actions, you can take advantage of the controls at client side using the rich client side API. Get your copy of ComponentOne Studio and select MVC to install the all new ASP.NET MVC edition. You can see the controls in action here. The edition includes a range of getting started samples which will help you understand the controls quickly. We also include reference samples that show how to use the controls in complex scenarios. Here is a bit of detail on the controls & resources being released with the edition:

Data Management controls:


FlexGrid: The grid for ASP.NET MVC is a brand new version of the FlexGrid control, more flexible and powerful than ever. This grid allows you to select, edit,batch edit, sort, group, filter & page data, it also let's you choose if you want to perform these actions client side or on the server. Additionally, the versatile FlexGrid lets you format data and easily visualize hierarchical data. Performance is a vital attribute of FlexGrid. Hence, the core control stays lightweight & fast and for complex features it uses extensions. ListBox: The ListBox control displays a list of items and allows you to select items using your mouse and keyboard. Display a list of values containing plain text or HTML, and allow users to select a value. This control is displayed in the drop-down part of the ComboBox, AutoComplete, TimePicker, and Menu MVC controls.

Data Visualization controls:


FlexChart & FlexPie : FlexChart is a SVG based chart with a simple API but powerful data visualization features. You can create various types of charts with FlexChart like Bar\Column, Line\Area, Scatter, Spline, Bubble and Financial charts. Additionally, it is easy to show labels, markers, header\footer within the charts, you can show data across multiple axis and also mix chart types to visualize data. Further customization is possible using ItemFormatters and pallets, you have access to individual data points using Hit Test. Integrate pie charts into your application with ComponentOne FlexPie™ for ASP.NET MVC. The Pie Chart draws each series as a slice of data and includes rich customization. Radial Gauge: The RadialGauge control displays a circular scale with an indicator that represents a single value and optional ranges to represent reference values. You can use the RadialGauge as a simple indicator, or set the IsReadOnly property to false and use it as an input control. You can also populate the Ranges collection to define ranges of interest, shown in different colors. Linear Gauge: The LinearGauge control displays a linear scale with an indicator that represents a single value and optional ranges to represent reference values. You can use the LinearGauge as a simple progress indicator, or set the IsReadOnly property to false and use it as an input control similar to the HTML input type="range". You can also populate the Ranges collection to define ranges of interest, shown in different colors. Bullet Graph: The BulletGraph control is a type of linear gauge designed specifically for use in dashboards. It displays a single key measure along with a comparative measure and qualitative ranges to instantly signal whether the measure is good, bad, or in some other state. Bullet Graphs were created and popularized by dashboard design expert Stephen Few.

Input controls:


Input : The edition includes a range of input controls like AutoComplete, which is an auto-complete control that allows you to filter its item list as you type, as well as select a value directly from its drop-down list. The ComboBox control is very similar to the AutoComplete control, but rather than providing a list of suggestions as you type, the ComboBox will automatically complete and select the entry as you type. Select values by picking them from a list with auto-completion. Other input controls included in the edition are Calendar, InputDate & InputTime, InputMask, InputNumber & InputColor.



Project Templates: These project templates for MVC version 3, 4, and 5 get you started with MVC development by quickly configuring the project with ASP.NET MVC resources by integrating required ComponentOne libraries and themes, resource registering, and license configurations. Themes: We use CSS to style the MVC controls, with the ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC Edition we include more than a dozen professionally designed themes so that you can give your application a modern look with these carefully crafted themes. Editor Templates: We provide enhanced EditorTemplates in the C1 MVC Project Templates that turn Editor for helpers into rich editors based on their data type. For instance, any DateTime field will be rendered as a InputDate with a pop-up Calendar. These editors make for a much richer experience than just plain TextBoxes. Document Libraries: So that you have all the tools you need in one place we include document processing libraries such as C1Excel, C1PDF & C1ZIP with the ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET MVC Edition. With these libraries you can create Excel and PDF files on the fly, use the C1ZIP library to compress your application resources to make it lightweight. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to your suggestions on the new controls and features.


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