ComponentOne Russ Cam Unplugged : New Series! Increasing Popularity of Phone apps

In this first episode of Russ Cam® Unplugged, Microsoft MVP and Nokia Developer Ambassador, Bill Reiss delivers a great session on increasing your Windows Phone apps popularity. The goal is simple… to have you feel like you are right in the audience. Many times in a live session, you might miss something and its nice to have it on video so you can go back and rewind it to the point you want. This is especially true when the session is packed full of great content like this one. It’s an incredibly informational session and addresses many aspects of Windows Phone Development that could be applied to Windows 8 Store, Android and iOS as well. Some of the questions answered in this session include: How can I get 74,000+ app reviews? How can I get an average rating of 4 ½ stars out of 5? What do I need to do first when developing your app and why? What is a great add-in to create an About Dialog box? It could be your last one (hint) Is giving out game tokens in my game ... in other words an In app purchase... in exchange for a review allowed? When do nag dialogs result in bad reviews? What are other ways to increase my app's popularity besides reviews? Is there an app for app spotlights and how do I get my app highlighted? Are there promotions to get my app highlighted? Is there a way to have an ad control show ads for my app in other apps? What is one of the best podcasts to listen to for improving my app's popularity? Should I submit my app to more than Windows Phone Store for exposure and where? Should I create free apps instead of and/or in addition to trial versions? WP Store does not track links to the store, so how do I track links to views of my app? Where can I see stats on some case studies? Is advertising eCPM a viable revenue stream, lately and what is being done to improve it? ComponentOne® is proud to present Russ Cam® Unplugged!

Russ Cam® Unplugged: Increasing Popularity of Windows Phone Apps

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