ComponentOne RussCam Episode 92 - Desert Code Camp ‘12 Part 3

It's another Russ Cam first! Check out our first interview with a C1 Influencer! Craig Berntson, Microsoft MVP, tells us about the C1 Influencer program. The program helps industry influentials attend more conferences by picking up some of the travel costs. Also, attendees at these events get to learn more about the ComponentOne tools. He also talks about his session "Branches & Merges are Bears, Oh My!" “Branching is easy but merging is hard” he says and explains. Craig has been doing more work with Wijmo of late, so stay tuned for some great content there. Craig is also a part time heckler as you will see when you watch the episode to the end (in the bloopers). This episode is brought to you by ComponentOne Windows 8 Studios. It was great to work the ComponentOne booth with you Craig!

CLICK HERE to watch ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 92: Desert Code Camp (Part 3)



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