ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC Edition Update Released

We recently released an update to our ASP.NET MVC Edition controls. This release includes new enhancements to FlexGrid, FlexChart and ListBox controls as well as performance tuning for FlexGrid. Let's go through the various enhancements one by one.


Group Panel :The grid now has a group panel which provides drag and drop grouping UI to FlexGrid. This feature can be enabled by setting "ShowGroupPanels", it allows you to customize maximum number of groups, placeholder text for the panel and grouped columns visibility.

groupPanel Filter Enhancements: FlexGrid now has an enhanced filtering mechanism. It allows you to filter by value or filter by condition. Use Filter by Condition to apply conditions to narrow down your search, and Filter by Value to precisely locate data corresponding to the desired column value. Ascending and Descending buttons enable you to sort the entries in a particular column in ascending and descending order respectively. filter


Markers: Markers are the symbols used to display data points when the mouse is hovered over the data series. FlexChart now has out of the box support for markers. You can add line markers using AddLineMarker method. markers


Multi-select ListBox: The ListBox now supports multi-select functionality, through CheckedMemberPath property. Using theCheckedMemberPath property you can make it function as a multi-item selector, with checkboxes available corresponding to each item in the listbox.


You can get the latest bits by running C1Live utility on your system, alternatively you can download it from here. Refer the documentation for these features here. Check out the controls in action.


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