ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2012 v3 is shipping now!

A few weeks ago we shared with you the introduction of two new Studio suites, Studio for WinRT XAML and Studio for WinJS. Now we have even more exciting news, these new Studio’s are now part of the Studio Enterprise family of products. Studio Enterprise has been enhanced and its line-up includes:

  • Studio for WinRT XAML
  • Studio for WinJS
  • Studio for WinForms
  • Studio for WPF
  • Studio for Windows Phone,
  • Studio for Silverlight
  • Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo
  • Studio for iPhone
  • Studio for Entity Framework
  • Studio for Compact Framework
  • Studio for ActiveX

Whew, that would be hard to say in one breath, really fast! Current subscribers can access over 20 added UI and data visualization controls in Studio Enterprise for building compelling Windows Store apps. You’ll be able to build stunning dashboards with the touch-first charts and gauge controls, plus deliver document and report viewing with our innovative PdfViewer control.While the release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 was just a few months ago, September 2012, we already have some success stories of clients’ using our control suites in their applications. Wallace Allison, Director at ITSBITS by IHS, Incorporated, detailed his experience in evaluating third-party control vendors and his decision to use ComponentOne controls when building his Windows 8 app, “Burn the Mortgage.” Full story available at here. For you Windows Forms developers and Editor fans, you’ll appreciate the Rich Text Format support added to our Editor for WinForms control. It will allow you to import and export rich text documents into the WYSIWYG editor. This is a pretty exciting time here at ComponentOne. Next up is our travel to DevIntersections, a conference in Las Vegas where we will be exhibiting. We’ll have Surface tablets, Windows Phones and other devices for you to play with at our booth #112. Until next time, so long and happy developing. Resources: What’s New Video- Studio Enterprise 2012 v3


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