Countdown: Top 3 user application complaints

Whether leveraging HTML5, a native code language or other component suites, application developers' main goal is to provide a program that will meet users' needs. In order to do so, these groups must understand what individuals look for in an app, and perhaps more importantly, their biggest complaints. To avoid these pitfalls, here are the top issues users have with their mobile applications, from least worrisome to most bothersome.

3) Unnecessarily connecting to other applications
These days a number of applications allow users to sign in with their social media accounts. Often times, this is a security protocol that enables individuals to easily and securely authenticate themselves and sign in. However, Mashable pointed out that this can sometimes be unnecessary and creates frustrations for users.

"Personally, I have 88 apps connected to Facebook. And on a regular basis, I use just 15 of them," noted Mashable editor Lauren Drell. "So why should I unnecessarily open up my data to 73 other apps, especially if there's nothing to be gained through the connection?"

This not only opens up security concerns, but can also drain the device's battery. Unless is it completely necessary or beneficial, developers should make these connections optional and not a default characteristic.

2) Too frequent requests or notifications
More frustrating than unnecessary connections are constant notifications and requests. Individuals utilize an app for the specific function that the program provides, and do not enjoy being bombarded by alerts or requests. Drell stated that this can include non-important push notifications or "Rate This App" requests. Instead, app creators should ensure that all notifications that appear outside the app alert users to an important development or other news. Furthermore, rating requests should not appear every other time the user opens the app - if the individual really enjoys the experience, he or she will rate it and do not need to be hounded to do so.

1) Slow and poorly performing applications
While the preceding points can turn off users, the most frustrating issues individuals report are slow or poor performing applications, according to a new AppDynamics study. The report stated that approximately 50 percent of users become impatient and discouraged when applications do not perform up to their standards, according to Real​ Business. Additionally, 31 percent of participants said they would abandon their shopping cart or current purchase when programs are slow. Even more worrisome, 29 percent said they quit using the application altogether when it does not perform optimally.

This issue not only creates missed opportunities for revenue, but can shrink a company's user base. For this reason, developers should ensure that their apps perform as quickly as their Web-based components.


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