Creating cross-platform, standardized HTML5 apps is easier than ever

With the release of our new Wijmo 5, there are many opportunities for cross-platform app developers who are interested in expanding how they create software. Chris Bannon, product manager of the GrapeCity Developer Tool Wijmo 5, said recently that our motto for the new piece of software is, "Touch first, mobile first". Understanding the strong presence that mobile devices have in the new marketplace has allowed our organization to craft a toolkit that helps application developers to reach exactly the audience they need - everyone. By letting app coders achieve easy cross-platform compatibility, Wijmo 5 makes it easier than ever to make useful software that fills needs for a diverse range of users.

"Wijmo 5 includes all the controls and elements required to develop modern MVVM applications that run on desktop and mobile devices," said Bannon in a recent statement.

These will allow mobile developers to utilize extensive libraries of controls that will let their mobile applications run on a variety of controls, with built-in support for FlexGrid, a JavaScript version of the .NET control. This synergy between .NET, HTML5/jQUERY, and other languages means that no matter what variable is being output by a given language, it can be understood by each of them.

Changes in standards continue, but HTML5 remains strong
Even though the W3C HTML Working Group split from the WHATWG HTML group, this is no indicator of instability between the different versions of HTML5 that Wijmo 5 uses. Instead, the recent changes to the document by W3C indicates that they believe that the standard will soon be HTML5, and that it will very soon be the official W3C Standard. This embrace of the new technology is not that surprising, given the high praise that it has received from those both in and outside of the industry.

Using the best parts of new technology in order to reach a wider user base is something that many technology companies have been pushing for, so we are glad to be a part of that process. By providing clients with the strongest development kits that can allow them to easily craft complex, elegant code, we are doing our part to bring about the rise of a more powerful, sleeker Internet. Developers that want to be able to reach the largest audience possible and still bring to bear the power of Windows databases should examine GrapeCity software to see if it is right for them.


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