Desert Code Camp 2011 Recap

Kudos to Joe Guadagno and all the volunteers for putting on a great event, and thanks to all the attendees who gave up a Saturday--you're the reason this all happens! The best part of my job is getting into the community and meeting and learning from all sorts of cool people. Not to disparage the hospitality shown to us, but no one mentioned we needed to pack our winter coats this weekend... LightSwitch Onramp The randomizer for the room lights made the demo exciting, so thanks for enduring. You can download my slides, including the infamous "resources slide", at LightSwitch Onramp Slides. Don't forget to get your 90 day trial of LightSwitch and enter LightSwitch Star. Be sure to check out the live demo (or download the free trial) of our OLAP for LightSwitch extension at A little while after the talk, I realized what an irony it was to give a LightSwitch talk in a room where the light switches weren't working. Don't read anything into that. If you'd like to see this talk again, I'm presenting it as an MSDN webcast on November 10, 2011; the regsitration link is If you're reading this after that date, the link will take you to the recording. Rocking WebForms with jQuery This is always a popular talk, and one I've delivered in the past. You can download the slides and sample code, and find a link to an MSDN recording of the talk (although not as much fun as the in-person version), at If you want an easy way to add the latest technologies (HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, SVG) to your WebForms projects, check out ComponentOne's Studio for ASP.NET, powered by Wijmo jQuery UI widgets at You'll have a hard time believing the demos are running the the browser only! [update 2011-11-06] I've posted the solution and slides to GitHub, you can find them at [/update]


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