Error #2014 in ActiveReports 8 Server on Mac OS X

The current iteration of the Adobe Flash player plugin ( has a known conflict with ActiveReports 8 Server. The error occurs in both Firefox and Safari with this version of Adobe Flash when opening a report in design mode and selecting a table or chart control from the report page. Flash will then display an alert for error 2014 – Feature is not available at this time. Inline image 3 The issue appears to be related to accessibility support for the Tree component in the Flash UI Library. For now, we recommend viewing the report portal in OS X with Chrome as we have verified that the current version of Chrome (33.0.1750.152) with its own internal version of Adobe Flash (also in this case) works without issue. Also note that this issue is limited to the Mac OS X environment and Windows users should not experience this issue. We will provide an update once these browsers are verified to work correctly with a new version of Adobe Flash.


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