Well, we may have forgotten to report, but we had a great time at our FarPoint Technologies booth at DevConnections and were so happy to see so many of you there. When Scott ran a few rounds of Bingo (we thought appropriate for a show at Las Vegas) we drew crowds by our booth. FarPoint Draws a Crowd at DevConnections Many stayed afterward to hear explanations of our existing products, like FarPoint Spread for Web Forms (ASP.NET), and news about our planned products, like FarPoint Spread for SharePoint. If you attended the show, feel free to leave a comment below and if you have any outstanding questions about our solutions, let us know. If you want a hassle-free method for getting information on the FarPoint Spread products, feel free to try our new On-Demand way of having literature delivered to your desktop (or wherever you are) -- at "www.FarPointSpread.com/OnDemand".

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