FarPoint is now offering a set of user interface controls for ASP.NET development -- a set of eight input controls, as well as two help controls and five validation controls that can be assigned to those input controls. The product is FarPoint Input for ASP.NET and the beta is available for interested developers. Simply drop us an email at beta@fpoint.com to request a copy. The input controls have more features than the ones that come with Visual Studio so your Web pages can offer more functionality for data entry; the validation controls and user assistance controls provide for better data entry and a richer user experience. The eight input controls include:

  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Combo Box
  • Date
  • Edit
  • List Box
  • Mask
  • Number

The two user assistance controls are:

  • Balloon Tip
  • Message Box

The five validation controls check for:

  • Character types
  • Date range
  • Date comparison
  • Forbidden and allowed characters
  • Text length